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The BioIron Company

Intrinsic LifeSciences (ILS), The BioIron Company™ is an independent Life Sciences company developing innovative in vitro diagnostic devices for applications in clinical medicine. ILS is focused on development of diagnostic tests and biomarker panels for diagnosis of genetic and acquired iron disorders including congential anemias, hemochromatosis, and inflammatory diseases in which iron homeostasis is dysregulated. Development of high affinity monoclonal antibodies now allows ILS to develop biological therapeutics. Intrinsic LifeSciences developed the world’s first validated hepcidin assay for measuring hepcidin, the key hormone regulating plasma iron levels in the human body.


Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Alliances

Scientists at Intrinsic LifeSciences continue to perform hepcidin assays for leading pharmaceutical companies and clinical investigators worldwide. We are interested in collaborations with researchers and clinicians to explore specific conditions where our hepcidin assay may be useful for early detection, diagnosis, patient stratification or management of therapy.

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Hepcidin Products

Intrinsic LifeSciences introduces our first assay to quantify hepcidin-1 in mouse serum and urine.  Visit Hepcidin Products to order your hepcidin reagents.

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