An immunoassay for human serum hepcidin at last: Ganz klar


A new blood test for diseases of iron metabolism

Seminal research is reported by Intrinsic LifeSciences and UCLA in the journal Blood describing the first validated immunological assay for hepcidin and giving clinicians and researchers a robust tool to monitor iron metabolism.

San Diego, CA, August 8, 2008 – Intrinsic LifeSciences LLC and the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine announce the publication of their jointly developed ELISA assay for the ironregulating hormone hepcidin in the journal Blood.

Hepcidin has emerged as the master regulator of iron absorption and storage. Dysregulation of hepcidin is an important cause of common iron disorders including anemia of chronic diseases (anemia of inflammation), hereditary hemochromatosis and iron overload associated with thalassemias. “This assay will greatly improve our understanding of how hepcidin levels in the blood stream affect iron absorption in the presence of various clinical conditions, genetic backgrounds or medical treatments” stated Dr. Mark Westerman; “we are in the process of automating this assay to provide high throughput analysis of hepcidin to enable us to meet the demand of our research collaborators, pharmaceutical customers, and clinical investigators.”

Intrinsic LifeSciences researchers worked with Drs. Tomas Ganz and Elizabeta Nemeth at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine to develop and validate the ELISA assay. Dr. Westerman, CEO and founder of Intrinsic LifeSciences, and Dr. Ganz and their colleagues, independently discovered hepcidins in fish and humans and were the first to synthesize, purify, and successfully refold the protein into its native, biologically active form, and generate useful antibodies for hepcidin assays. Their early partnership resulted in the formation of Intrinsic LifeSciences and represents a commitment to providing the bestinclass technology and products to researchers and clinicians, with the shared mission of advancing knowledge and research of iron disorders.

Intrinsic LifeSciences currently offers the hepcidin ELISA as a “laboratory developed test” to customers. The company aims to obtain regulatory approval of the ELISA for use in the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of anemias and iron disorders.

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Intrinsic LifeSciences, a privately held company founded in 2006, is dedicated to developing and commercializing diagnostics and therapeutics for iron disorders. The company is a pioneer in the discovery, development, implementation and commercialization of the first biomarker assay for iron metabolism. The company’s main research and business programs are focused on major clinical indications where iron plays a critical role as in acquired, genetic and chronic disorders found in anemia, infection, and inflammation.

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