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[one_fourth last=”no”][infobox icon_class=”stethoscope” title=”Independent”]Intrinsic LifeSciences is an independent biotechnology company developing innovative in vitro diagnostics for iron disorders including iron overload diseases, anemias, and inflammatory diseases in which iron is dysregulated. Targeted hepcidin therapeutics are of continued interest to our scientists.

Intrinsic LifeSciences developed the world’s first validated hepcidin assay for measuring hepcidin, the key hormone regulating plasma iron levels in the human body.
[/infobox][/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”no”][infobox icon_class=”medkit” title=”Applications”]Biomarkers and personalized medicine are two of the fastest growing segments of the biomedical industry; hepcidin is useful for both applications.[/infobox][/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”no”][infobox icon_class=”globe” title=”Alliances”]Scientists at Intrinsic LifeSciences continue to perform hepcidin assays for leading pharmaceutical companies and clinical investigators worldwide. We are interested in collaborations with researchers and clinicians to explore specific conditions where our hepcidin assay may be useful for early detection, diagnosis, patient stratification or management of therapy.[/infobox][/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”yes”][infobox icon_class=”user-md” title=”Leadership”]Our team has a history of innovation, technical and clinical leadership, and successful partnering. We anticipate that the benefits of a hepcidin biomarker will range far beyond the current indications. We welcome opportunities to collaborate in small highly targeted studies or in a broader strategic alliance.[/infobox][/one_fourth]


[one_fourth last=”no”][imagebox image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/hep_sm.png” title=”Hepcidin Information” button_text=”Read More” button_url=”/hepcidin/”]Hepcidin preprohormone, prohormone, and hormone size are 84, 60, and 25 amino acids, respectively. Twenty- and 22-amino acid forms of Hepcidin also exist in the urine. The N terminal region is required for function, and deletion of 5 N-terminal peptides results in a loss of function.[/imagebox][/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”no”][imagebox image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Intrinsic_resized_for_Web-3752_jpg_320x480_detail_q85.png” title=”Hepcidin Assay Information” button_text=”Read More” button_url=”/hepcidin-assay-information/”]Intrinsic LifeSciences performs the world’s first human hepcidin ELISA for leading pharmaceutical companies and clinical investigators worldwide. We are the world’s leading provider of innovative in vitro diagnostics and targeted therapeutics for iron overload diseases, anemia, and iron-[/imagebox][/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”no”][imagebox image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Products-Assays.png” title=”Hepcidin Elisa” button_text=”Read More” button_url=”/hepcidin-elisa/”]Intrinsic LifeSciences performs Research Use Only (RUO) hepcidin assays for clinical and pharmaceutical investigators worldwide using our patented, validated, competitive ELISA (C-ELISA). Intrinsic LifeSciences is currently producing and characterizing monoclonal antibodies to hepcidin under SBIR Phase II funding from NIH, and is developing a MAb-based C-ELISA and… [/imagebox][/one_fourth] [one_fourth last=”yes”][imagebox image=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/iregA.png” title=”Iron Regulation Information” button_text=”Read More” button_url=”/hepcidin/iron-regulation-information/”]The role of hepcidin in normal iron homeostasis: an increase in plasma iron causes an increase in hepcidin production (yellow arrow). Elevated hepcidin inhibits iron flow into the plasma from macrophages, hepatocytes and the duodenum. As the plasma iron… [/imagebox][/one_fourth] [clearfix] [one_second last=”no”]


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